Effeuno FAQ's

Q1. What electricity supply is needed to run an Effeuno oven?

The Electric Power Supply required is 220 - 240 Volt 230/50-60 Hz

Q2. The U.S power supply is 120 Volt. How can I get a 220 - 240 Volt electricity supply in my home?

Nearly all homes in the USA and Canada have 240V alternating current lines at the service entrance to the household as well as select locations within the home. A 240 Volt supply is used for more energy-dependent machines like ovens, air condition supplies, car charging points etc
To have a power outlet fitted we advise consulting a local electrician to see if this is a feasible option for you

Q3. Can I use a step-up transformer?

No, a step-up transformer will not run the oven to its optimum capacity 

Q4. What plug is fitted to the Effeuno ovens?

We have fitted a U.S standard power cable and NEMA 6-20P 15 amp plug to the P134H 509, P134HA 509 oven. All other ovens have been left pig tailed so the user can install a plug or hard wire.
US Plug

Q5. The shipping seems expensive, why so much?

We have to ship the Effeuno ovens by skid/pallet to protect the oven. We have had tomany of the ovens getting damaged by careless courier drivers hurling them off trucks and over yard walls

Q6. Can I collect the oven and myself so that I forgo the shipping charges?

Yes, you can collect from our logistics centre if it is feasible for you. Contact us and we will send a custom order over and make the warehouse aware when you are coming. We are in Delaware,US

Q7. The price of the oven is high compared to prices in Europe, why is this?

The ovens have incurred shipping charges from Europe plus custom and clearance duties fees to reach the U.S

Q8. What is the warranty period for the oven?

There is a 1-year warranty on the ovens

Q9. How are the ovens repaired in the U.S if there was a problem?

We have all spare parts available should the oven malfunction. There is very little to go wrong with these ovens but if one does have a funny turn we can diagnose the fault over the phone & in the case of a warranty repair, we can expedite the parts to you and a local engineer can be sourced to fit the part at our expense. The same applies after the warranty has expired but parts and engineer charges would need to be paid for

Q10. I am live outside of the U.S can you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to most places worldwide, please get in contact for a shipping quote

Q11. What is the difference between a P134H and a P134HA?

The P134HA has a taller baking chamber that allows you to cook more than just pizza from bread, and cakes to chicken. Please see an existing customer review that highlights some of the P134HA uses

Q12. What size of Pizza can I cook in the oven?

It's all in the name of the oven! The P134 series is named so as it can x1 34cm pizza [13 inches]. The P150 can cook X1 50 cm pizza [19.5 inches]

Have any other questions?

Please get in contact with us sales@blackrockgrill.com