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Steak On The Stone Solution For Your Business Venue

Black Rock Grill is the industry’s market leader and provides the complete cooking on stone solution for the commercial and domestic market.  The Roxy 12 Rock Oven offers a unique yet affordable dining solution for pub, bar and bistros which will transform menus, drive more customers to your business and increase average spend.

The Roxy 12 is easy to operate with manual controls, it sits on a counter or bar top, and the volcanic rock stones are simply loaded into the oven and the thermostats are turned up to 440 degrees in just 90 minutes. Place the hot and sizzling stones onto the porcelain or bamboo platters provided and deliver a meal with the “wow” factor to the table within minutes of ordering.

A Black Rock Grill menu offers flexibility and flavour, enabling landlords to introduce a hot menu for the first time and even provide a takeaway service.   Many simple yet impressive dishes can be prepped in advance, saving on kitchen labour and time.  

Customers simply select the meat, vegetables or poultry they wish and it is brought out to the table sizzling on a hot rock ready for the customer to cook it exactly how they like.

The Roxy 12 encourages repeat visits from diners looking for value and an unusual restaurant experience. It’s easy to keep up with dining trends such as customised meals and healthy eating as no fat or oil is used. Diners can enjoy classic steaks, fajitas to share, ribs, vegetarian meals and even the latest Asian influenced dishes; using simple recipes and a few key ingredients your customers can create exotic dishes from around the world. 

The Roxy 12 oven, is very versatile providing bar snacks to main meals throughout the day without any additional strain on the kitchen.

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